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Get my dog trained

Here is the deal.  If you don't have time to work with your retriever you can let him or her go with the Delta Retrievers!  Rates are competitive!  Training is about 20 dollars a day.  Of course, a dog doesn't get trained in a day but in about 3 months a decent retriever will have all obedience down and be force fetched and retrieving to hand.  If you add 3 more months to that you should have a dog that is running blind retrieves.   Do you want a well trained dog for next duck season?

Contact The Delta Retrievers trainer: 325-262-1713 or

Our labs dont get introduced to aspects of hunting like decoys they grow up around them.
HRCH Title Ribbons, Pass Ribbons, Yellow Lab, Black Labs, Duck Blind, Retriever Trainer

We are proud of our ribbons but even more proud that we train from the duck blind.